Sunday, February 6, 2011

Limping Eagle

It was either custodial
or cathedral.
I entered in with my
spirit bound.
It was freedom that echoed
off the clapboard.
It was splinters that entered
my meniscus.
I cried as exit wounds
revealed an inner light.
For moments I laid there
in the neutral zone.
The Great Spirit came
and I wrestled with the
infused refracted light.
I knew I couldn’t win.
I really didn’t want to.
From some skin deep,
soul deep place I wrested.
It was not the Spirit.
It was myself that I overtook.
It was my stubborn
reflexive pronoun.
I rose in sweat to see
the night swirling,
splashed with colors
replenished by God.
I limped to the window
to look on the glow
of freedom and
thanked God I wasn’t alone.

Just a note:  Sean McCormick, the photoghapher took this shot in Alberta, Canada, in an area called the Nuetrals.  It's a prairie between two ranges where, centuries ago, different tribes hunted and weren't allow to go to war.  This photo is copied with permission for One Shoot Sunday.


  1. "It was my stubborn / reflexive pronoun" Such a telling line linguistically, philosophically, and on in the personal way of the speaker. Deep poem, Jerry. Great challenge response!

  2. It's Jacob wrestling with the angel, wrestling with himself. When the wrestling is done, Jacob has a new name.

    Wonderful poem, Jerry.

  3. Can God misplace things? I wonder...

  4. A feeling of spirituality that is not reduced to any one religion, a dream quest, and the surrender of self. A fine piece of writing, Jerry. I liked "For moments I laid there
    in the neutral zone..." and the whole concept of wrestling with the light.

  5. under Fireblossom's comment I am gonna edit that phrase...God doesn't misplace things.

  6. eh but you know can feel that way so i dont see the line as bad...its just our projection on him...i know the wrestling match though...

  7. I cried as exit wounds
    revealed an inner light.

    this two lines really grabbed me Jerry ...almost a dark night of the soul that needs it know itself to reveal that inner light...thank you...bkm

  8. It was myself that I overtook.
    It was my stubborn
    reflexive pronoun.

    Aye ain't it the truth?

  9. wow jerry this was deep - loved it

  10. This piece really brought out wondrous works from everyone. Sorry I didn't read it Sunday. I like the spiritual awakening throughout as though the world had been repainted with a different palette. Well done, Gay @beachanny


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