Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back Seat Love for One Shot Wednesday

I know. Is the back seat really a place for love?
In one respect I think not…
But hold on a minute, I’m talking about love.
I dreamt I was a taxi driver in and out
of life’s traffic and jams.
My light was on waiting for a whistle or a hand.
Then she got in and sat in the middle back.
My rear view cropped her face.
Her brown eyes caught mine in the mirror.
“Just drive a bit,” she said calmly.
I nodded and pulled back out into it.
She smiled her eyes and
I think I smiled my eyes back.
“So, any destination in mind?”
“Sure, is that near West 42nd street?”
“You never know.”
“Well, I will never know if you don’t tell me.”
She winked and fully opened her eyes briefly
exposing the whites like teeth.
Somewhere I heard the eyes
are the windows to the soul.
What a beautiful window.
I thought I saw her soul…even more beautiful.
She leaned forward with her chin
nestled in her forearms.
“Don’t worry,” she said, “I am not in a hurry.”
“I’m starting to get that. What about the meter?”
“Keep it running, where I want to go is priceless.”
I took one hand off the wheel and relaxed a little.
“A taxi driver not knowing where he is going…” I mumbled
“…is a nice diversion,” she whispered.
“Wait a minute, you just hinted at a destination.”
“I suppose I did, but you are the driver. Without you
I am not going anywhere,” she sang with a smirk.
“What kind of Jell-O logic is that?”
“Oh, let’s not get strapped too tightly into logic.”
I took a cleansing breath. “Jell-O,” I said flatly.
She sat back in the seat and stared in the mirror.
“What?!” I said.
She brushed the band of brown hair from her eyes
and tucked it behind one ear.
She said softly, “Look into my eyes. I know you saw it
the first time. That’s right. It’s the beauty beyond the eyes.”
I did see it. I pulled over and the tears in my eyes magnified
the beauty I saw in hers. I felt something jump into me.
“That’s where I was hoping to go”, she said as she
handed me the fare and walked away.


  1. A very mysterious and rather alluring tale. I always think of taxi drivers as mpersonal. Not any more.

  2. smiles. you work us up nicely for the reveal there in the end jerry...great one shot

  3. I like this very much, Jerry. It's layered with emotion and mystery.

    I am not familiar with this form of poetry, more like prose to me, but what the hell....it fits and carries a very good message.

    Made me water up, and it isn't allergies.

    Lady Nyo

  4. thanks for the feedback...love is sometimes in the back seat waiting to be recieved.

  5. Enjoyed most how you captured the flirtatious dialogue. cheers, Jerry

  6. Hm, interesting use of taxi tale. Great revelation, led up to with vibrant emotion. A well-written story.

  7. Jell-O logic! Love it!

    Reminds me of a related phrase I came up with awhile ago called "Neo Logic" - it came from a scene frmo the movie "The Matrix"

    Trinity: "Neo, no one has ever done anything like this."

    Neo: "That's why it's going to work."

    By that line of thinking, anything that's never been tried before WILL work.

    For example...

    Neo: "I'm going to take out that charging elephant with this wet noodle."

    Trinity: "Neo, no one has ever done anything like this."

    Neo: "That's why it's going to work."

    See? That is Neo Logic.

  8. Poetic tale. Short story. Where does one genre end and another begin? Seductive words well said. Thanks, Gay @beachanny

  9. Well, I guess calling this a poem is stretching it a little. Maybe it will be inserted into a story one day.

  10. Free verse is what I would like to call it and I enjoyed reading it and i am sure you would have definitely enjoyed writing it...
    Thanks for sharing..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay


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