Monday, September 27, 2010

Fold In

Fold In

She was making bread and I
asked if she was going to fold
anything into it.
She said she was mixing and
kneading, but no folding.

A symbol of so much
Life and body.
Breaking it together.

I have been watching my brother
folding in grief
by hand
into the bowl of his life.
The oxygen tucked in and again.
The sorrow hidden like yeast to
become the very emptiness
that causes rise.

It is a slow deliberate rise.
A waiting,
living on with hands covered
in life dough and
flour snowing like tears
to the floor.
He folds in
standing almost alone
with the Bread of Life.

For Peter
June 2010

This was for my brother.  In January his wife lost a twenty year battle with cancer.  After reading a blog on death tonite and having breakfast with him this morning I remembered this.  His wife's favorite idea was that of hope.  She was full of hope...right up to the seam she slipped through to the God of all hope.  She set it down next to Pete when she left.


  1. Hope and faith are what I turn to most.

    Blissings to you on your path.

  2. oh jerry - what a tragedy - and you found the most beautiful and honoring words

    do you want to link up with one stop poetry tonight..? think about it
    Link opens at 5 pm EST

  3. Without that hope and assurance the battle would be a lonely one indeed. She has fought the good fight. Yet that kneading for your brother is a lonely prospect.
    Blessings as you love and encourage

    It's so nice to meet you at One Shot

    Moon smiles from a friend in Him

  4. this is beautiful and a beloved tribute to your brother's is precious and grief never easily dismissed, having a friend loose her husband almost two years ago ....she went through the process and finally came to peace and renewal....

    I am glad to have met you through One Stop...One Shot Wednesday is a wonderful rally of poets....and thank you for your wonderful comments on my poem...blessings...bkm

  5. a wonderful verse...kneading into and out of life...sounds like she was a great person to be around...bringing hope. nice to see you tonight...

  6. Your comments humbly honored me and my brother...

    bkm...grief is a longer cycle amongst all the cycles in life, wouldn't you agree?

    Moon, thanks
    Brian, thanks, you must have a lot of time to read through these. I love reading your comments on other poems as well.
    Claudia...thanks for the personal invite again.
    Everyday Goddess of Hope...thank you

  7. beautiful way to honor your brother and his wife.

    Hope is what keep us moving and trying.



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