Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Brown Around...........For One Shot Wednesday

I don’t bring the bills
I bring the stuff
I huff puff huff
With your treadmill

I walk with a brisk
I don’t lump on a log
I play with your dog
And hand you a Zappo’s

I don’t mess around
I parcel on top
Stop after stop
And leave before you answer

I watch your kids grow
Every time I wave
Their smiles I save
And tap tap my horn

I bring your meds
For you I pray
Wish I could stay
Thanks for the cookie

I am out in it
Snow rain wind shine
Warm most of the time
Because my mom dressed me
        (I always say)

I turn the wheel
The wheels turn
And I yearn
To satisfy as I brown around

UPS is where I work and I don’t clown around (most of the time), I Brown around.


  1. nice...we are very thankful for our UPS man...thanks for bringing love to the lives of many...in your brown...nice one shot...

  2. It's a good one, Jerry. I liked not being exactly sure where it was going until toward the end.

  3. I loved the mystery unravelling as I read, Jerry. "Because my mom dressed me" had me smiling even as I was trying to figure out just who you were. I enjoyed this so much!

  4. For a second I was excited because you were talking about the postal carrier.

    Can you write a "blue" poem about the mailman?

  5. nice - so you wrote a workplace poem as well..smiles

  6. Wonderful write and tribute to your work...I used to work for your competition (keep delivering great writes)....blessings bkm

  7. I turn the wheel and the wheels turn...
    love the lines.


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