Monday, October 18, 2010

Why Knot?......for Theme Thursday

Why Knot.

Because I just clipped my nails
and I can’t get a 7 year old knot
out of a pair of sneakers.

Because 25 years ago I
tied one on.
It wasn’t a slip knot either.
We are tight.

Because a chord of 3 strands
is not easily broken…
especially when knotted.

You know…
Because it’s the end of the rope.

Because of anything that spins, sways,
and rolls.  A stomach knot is not

Because I really keep warm
with the crocheted blanket
my sister made me.

Because when I am out on the
open sea of life it is the knots
which measure the amount
of distance in time.

Because Don Knotts really
made the Andy Griffith show.
He had me in stitches, not knots.

Because Cub Scouts sure do
know their knots.
I was never a cub or a scout.
I don’t know my knots.

Tie these verses in a knot if you wish.
They might make more sense
twisted so much you can’t
figure out where to start
loose them. 
Why Knot?


  1. I enjoyed this poem. Knots have a huge role in our lives...the ties that bind us...and keep us warm and safe, body and soul. And then the ones that test our patience - like the shoelace knots! What is it with them? It's like they meld into a lump of stubborn!

  2. ha ha - you are really good jerry - always admire people who can write funny stuff cause that's sth that is knot given to me...smiles

  3. Jerry! This is so fun. And sweet. And thoughtful. Why knot? Indeed, why?


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