Sunday, February 13, 2011

Graffiti of my Heart

I have to put down my pen
and pick up my heart
and etch your name
like graffiti.
 I’ll get the paint and shake it
and mark the symbols
of our gang on it
like family.

You are my turf and rumbles
are things I would show up for.
I would Defend you.

Our hood is understood
your heart is my treasure and I
will fight all the harder for it.
I know you have fought for mine.

You know tough turf love

bus graffiti city alley picture and wallpaper

You know the power of paint.
You show our colors and
walk the alleys unafraid.

But when we take to the streets
I will go beside you,
look ahead of you,
listen behind you.
My weapons are my history
with you.

Barcelona, Barri Gotic - graffiti photo

Holsters, armed with red spray cans
and baseball bats.
Red love, red passion, and I
would swing away…for you.


  1. Nothing better than two 'hood rats in love and doing what they love tagging the place where their romance blossoms.

    I actually found this endearing Jerry.

  2. To defend and to protect...I liked this, Jerry.


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