Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You and Me

Over time we have formed a
more perfect union.
Our names at the
bottom of a license
a quarter of years

Under time I have walked to
gather your shadow,
white as the snow,
the passion trailing, and
grace on grace.

And time after time I saw
us meet again fresh,
honest, standing
bare, with each other.
It’s you and me


  1. I especially love that second stanza. Grace on grace. Isn't this love? Sounds like you have a good one, friend. Keep treasuring that.

  2. There's nothing better than a husband writing a love poem to his wife. And this is a sweet one.

  3. can't help myself...she is the original poem of my life.

  4. aww...your comment just should get major plus points for this one jerry...smiles.

  5. May we never cease meeting fresh, honest, standing bare, with each other! It IS you and me, babe!!!!! I LOVE YOU!

  6. Beautiful poem, Jerry. Happy Anniversary! There is nothing finer than a love and passion that grows deeper with time...

  7. winner winner - chicken dinner...her treat !

    thanks for stopping by J

    Peace, hp

  8. Excellent love poem. Past the effusions of erotica and into the stuff that counts--not that erotica isn't a very nice thing and all, but its a fickle star in the dark compared to your gathering of light-filled white shadows.

  9. Wonderful love poem, Jerry. You cover memories over, and even under time, recalling the renewal of feeling that makes for such a special union.

  10. awww - what a beautiful, honest and tender love poem..she must have smiled, kissed you and danced the clouds all day long...smiles


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