Sunday, March 13, 2011

Staying Kind of Love

trifecta of blue smoke
gets in her blue eyes
"if only" borne blue skies

the sugeon general
commands her attention
but she has no retention

her daughters inhaled
into the social system
match lit by father him

love is a joke now
a juggling of death sticks
her prayers of lives quits

i lied when i laughed
i wanted to yank them out
"it's not over" is what it's about

you can still freedom choose
gray face and gray sky
a warm front comes on by

bruises aren't to add color
we both know a beaten wife
is swollen from a cheated life

the sticks bobble and
gravity shakes em down
hope "wraps you like a gown"

let's get you inside
do you see that it's never over
pain comes when you're sober

nerve endings of the soul
they are friends enough
to guide you through the rough

i'll walk with you too
out of pulses of the gray
love will have a place to stay

This is for One Shoot Sunday highlighting the photography of Fee Easton.


  1. good when there are friends enough
    to guide you through the rough.. i like that you end this with a very hopeful note jerry

  2. I agree, hope that (self-love) will be strong enough to push away from such tangle a tough subject..bkm

  3. Firstly, not sure if you meant for it to look this way, but the picture looks really cool with her peeking from out behind the widget bar!

    The 2nd stanza hit me. I never thought this woman to be a mother. Wow, that changes my entire view of the image. Further, "we both know a beaten wife / is swollen from a cheated life" in that line you provide the groundwork for an incredibly interesting set of life circumstances that justify the speaker's wanting to help. Creative and heartfelt. Well done, Jerry

  4. I feel a Fatherly hand in this...and oh yea, the dust bunnies...awesome

    Peace, hp

    thank you for stopping by

  5. Great write- liked the word smithing. "nerve endings of the soul, they are friends enough
    to guide you through the rough"
    Thank you for going to a hopeful place at the end.

  6. Those last lines - lovely, Jerry.

  7. "I'll walk with you"

    that's what we need. it helps us walk away sometimes

  8. Excellent, perfect story goin ' on - love the hope of the finish.

  9. i can only echo those before me ~ and it's great to see a hopeful ending to such a sad tale. dani


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