Sunday, September 26, 2010

Holy Tension

Holy Tension

There is a tension between
work and Sabbath.
Outer and inner.
Doing and being.
There is a band of grace
which keeps life lucid.
Too much sweat
and the heart shrivels
and cracks like drought
on our spirit’s skin.
Excessive rest and
heart soaked rain
will grow mold
like a cataract
on our spirit’s eye.
May we work the rest
and rest in the work.

Someone mentioned this one to me yesterday.  Today is sabbath for most beleivers.  I know I have a hard time shifting down to be still and know.  May this be the day we mend God back into our spirits for the upcoming week.  I don't know about you but by the end of the week God seems to be a loose thread dangling. 


  1. i hear what you are saying...esp when you serve in church, but that is a spiritual experience...but still thing i determined for myself is that sunday is not always my sabbath but we were created with a rhythm of taking one...


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