Sunday, March 20, 2011

If a Bird Speaks

I like your sleeves,
they're puffy.
Your hat has the
Wright idea.
I am not looking
down on you.
Are bee hives
a pain in the neck?
If only times were
different, the sparrows
would build a nest
in your beard.
Don't worry,
I just came to
stretch a bit and
leave you a little
My friends told
me about you
how you were
a watershed of
religious history.
You are like the
peak of the church
we usually perch
and now you
stand here and preach
What's your name again?

This is submitted for One Stop Poetry's One Shoot Sunday.
Photoghraphy of James Rainsford.


  1. nice One Shoot ~ i like that it's the bird speaking.

  2. This catches the transience of time --and does it well. And it does it with a smile and laugh. Good one, Jerry.

  3. ah i am enjoying a good morning chuckle...nicely played...

  4. Awesome! What great, far-reaching social commentary through a feathery mouthpiece. Depth with a chuckle. Thanks, Jerry.

  5. These gulls just think to much. Nice one Jerry.


  6. got the name....Richard Hooker...interesting Anglican influence. So the reformation mention in above poem was a bad guess. ah well.

  7. "What's your name again?" elicited a big smile from me. Like a seagull cares! Ultimately, the personification of the seagull is great fun and it's tone is fantastic. Funny and clever response to the prompt with just the right amount of social commentary!

  8. love this jerry - you would make for a good bird..smiles

  9. The statue is of Richard Hooker and it stands outside Exeter Cathedral in Devon.
    I like the way you've allowed the gull to interact with poor old Hooker. Both amusing and profound.
    Thanks for sharing, James.

  10. Very nice use of dry humor to point a rather uncomfortable bit of reality, pricking nicely our human vanity. An excellent rendering of the prompt, and easily a standalone write as well.

  11. ha! Imagine standing on that preaching soapbox for the rest of eternity. Amazing use of irony here Jerry, I think, but I will check with James, that this is a statue outside on of Oxford's colleges I know it rings a bell with me! Nice take on the birds thoughts!


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