Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fawn for one shot Wednesday


I saw spots before my eyes.
They sprinted past.
They rode the fawn across the road.
Like snowflakes on the wind
They blew across the gravel.
The long spindle legs bore
the fear of my presence.
We almost intersected and
the white dots made me
feel young again.


  1. Interesting way of looking at the spots as if they were separate from the fawn. What a unique view.

  2. nice. we have a family of deer that live in our backyard...this year they had two little ones so i got an eyeful of those spots...nice one shot!

  3. nice how you made the feelings of being young comparable to the spots on a fawn...nice image...bkm

  4. the white dots made you feel young again...how original...liked this one..we used to see them in the "garden" of my grandmother, i just loved watching them

  5. Wonderfully written! I enjoyed this and it brought the images clearly in my mind...ahhhh now if I can enjoy the spots of youth =) Great OneShot! ~April

  6. I can tell this One Shot comes from first-hand experience... well done, Jerry!

  7. Thanks for all your comments. By the way, I almost ran the poor deer over with my UPS truck.


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