Friday, October 29, 2010

I Blog

I Blog therefore I am.
I think.
I find myself wondering what the heck
I am doing glued to this screen
now that I have found a writing
You might be thinking
“Not again.”
I have loads of pieces
and words lined up.
Copy and paste.
Self doubt and an interrogated
A competitive spirit
and a comparative ego
have pushed aside
writing life as I knew it.
First love sought.
Stories right under
my heart.
I took a day this
week of no screen.
I was tired and a bit
But maybe I should
be more purposed 
about breaks like L. L. Barkat
wrote about.


  1. I like that.. and as a sometime poet/writer know what you mean.

  2. I agree breaks help
    Sometimes blogging gets kind of 'hooking'.
    But blogging is like keeping our book open and alive...

  3. I came for your 55, but I got caught by this glimpse in the mirror. Have you been channeling my mind? I definitely could have written that.

  4. My work involves tons of computer time, so it's essential that I take breaks just to preserve my eyesight, my sanity, and my poor over-worked fingertips!

    Blogging is such a consuming acitivity - fun, of course, and enlightening so much of the time, but it doesn't replace the real world with face time and hug time and pet time. As the month slips away and grey November rears her head, I feel the blues slipping's hard to mentally prepare for the winter (at least for me) and I have to conciously be sure to get out and about as much as possible and grab whatever rays of sunshine are about because they become scarcer and scarcer this time of year.

    I hope you're feeling better and I hope you've gotten some rest.

  5. Thanks for the encouragement. I stopped pouting after receiving your kind words.
    Now...back at it! By the way, when I was a kid and was learning to play tennis someone told me to play someone more advanced in the sport often. It notched up your game. Well, when I read all these great posts on your blogs I feel
    notched up. Thanks.

  6. yeah i hear you...i take a break every 3 months for a long weekend...regular breaks are good...absence makes the heart grow fonder eh? smiles.

  7. Jerry, I'm glad--and I feel 'notched up' have met you here.
    So long!
    Steve E

  8. keep blogging,
    your poetry reads like fresh fruits, healthy and crunchy..

    keep up the excellence.


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