Monday, November 8, 2010

Five More Minutes

I gained an hour this weekend
              Yet all I want is five more mintutes
                               Not to stay up
                                            But to stay just outside of life
                                                                To write a bit or two
                                                                                   Of what I have seen and felt
                                                                                                     But stubble needs harvesting
                                                                                   And teeth need attention
                                                                 My boss wants me to show up
                                             Show up browned down
                                 And ergonomically toned and turned
                So a shower and a shake
And a kiss laid on lips I will miss

Til after sunset and a step outside life will draw me to her once again


  1. It seems we should be putting that hour to good use - something fun and frivolous and soul enhancing...but it gets swallowed up, doesn't it?

    I enjoyed this Jerry.

  2. yeah. i want another 5 minutes as hour got spent too quick


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