Monday, November 1, 2010

Semblance Restored


The breeze takes pause
and the leaves lay in their ordained queue.
No rustle, no bowing, no creaking.
Just still with the crystal sea above them.
Stars spaced out in deep ocean blue.
The moon cracks a smile of iridescence
and I smile at the wonder of it all.
I stand for a moment in an ordained spot
and look to the heavens
and breathe.
In this space in time
I receive the grace of gratitude.
Stars of mercy and forgiveness
scatter across within my mind
and falling, disappear into the
semblance of my heart.


  1. great descriptives...and the close is tight...falling into the semblence of your heart

  2. Nice one, Jerry. That last line -- "semblance of my heart" -- is beautiful.

  3. i love how you describe this moment..time to breathe and fall into the semblance of your heart..beautiful jerry

  4. Those perfect moment of clarity occuring inside and beautifully described, Jerry.


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