Friday, November 26, 2010

Sinews and Synapses

I tend to stand outside of them
and think outside.
Those moments open
like a picture book.
I see and wonder
where the words went.
I wonder and see
what the words could be.
Awww, hang it all
I missed one again.
Time to stretch and think
about you.
Here and now.
Hold your hand
and let slip my fingers
between yours.
Here and now.
Pray that our thoughts
can be one highway

For Barbara on a wedding day


  1. Sweet..
    Barbara is blessed by your words...

    awards/treats 4 u

    Happy Friday!

  2. Beautiful, Jerry. Barbara must be so honored to have such a poem with such beauty written for her.

  3. The slipping of fingers together, thoughts becoming one highway - great romance here.

  4. highway connected thoughts..i like that
    also liked the open moments like a picture book..beautiful jerry


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