Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mother, Christmas Evening

She sat quietly in the circle,
less and less words each year
but more and more smiles
and twinkles from her eyes.

Laura came with me to take
a spot in the circle.
I think she got it.
She got the time line and
the echo to Christmases past.

My mother had on her yuletide
earrings and looked so cozy
in her sweater.
Her heart warmed by the fibers
and yet warmed even more
by her descendants
all the way down to her
great grandson.

And Laura sat next to me
silent most of the time.
And I wondered if one day she will
be the matron of honor
sitting quietly, smiling, twinkling
like a little star
with my mother’s heart in hers.


  1. Heartwarming poem that bridges family generations. Very moving moving, especially the projection of Laura's future given the earlier descriptions of mother.

  2. Gee Adam...I was still editing you are fast...thanks for the comment

  3. That is so wonderfully sweet, Jerry. I hope you showed this to her.

    Your sidebar, where it says "in or out!" made me laugh, remembering myself in former years. (my son is now grown). I must have said that a million times. ;-)

  4. Lovely and tender. I especially like how you bring the poem to a close.

  5. simply amazing,
    family love is timeless,
    keep those heart warming piece coming.
    Happy New Year!

  6. smiles. beautiful write jerry...felt it right in the heart....smiles.

  7. Moving and so sweet. i love this writing, so not only, but especialyy for yuletide

  8. Heartfelt, bridging the ages, the generations together at the lighting of the tree... nicely done.

  9. So many times we daughters are destined to move into that place in the circle. We are more our mothers than we care to admit, I think.

    Very moving, Jerry.

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