Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Had Your Back....For One Shot Wednesday...come on give it a shot.

When I was young I had your back              
by uneven steps on the sidewalk.
I’m sorry I stopped paying attention.
I had destinations.
I almost tripped over your broken back.
Then the dandelions pushed through
to see if I would look down.
I kicked the buds off their bases.
The cement was mine and I
didn’t notice the shin splints.
The wheels turned.
Skateboards and bicycles.
The bumps shot up my spine.
Then I got off the walk by
borrowing your car.
I left you by the side of the road.
I was center lined and selfish.
Things were said, better off dead.
Your broken back.
Your broken heart.

I’ve seen my kids stutter step
down the walk protecting
a spine of a mother kind.
When will they stop looking down?
Their mom wants them to look up…
to watch were they are going.
But I hope they look back
occasionally and see the curved
back they once protected.

For My Mother


  1. Your poem made me hug my mom...

    Thank you...

    Here is my one shot:
    musical whirlwind

  2. Wonderful way to view motherhood, the skateboards and the is our job to protect those we love...bkm

  3. How we hurt the ones we love on our journey to gain adulthood and freedom...and still they love and protect us...

    Beautiful, Jerry.

  4. Relatable, great work. Nailed it this time around. :)

  5. Love it! what a great piece- plenty of detail
    images and movement.Thanks!

  6. lovely words for your mom...hope my son writes something like this one day...

  7. What a great reflection of childhood and youth. there's alot of growing up on the sidewalks of life

    Nice One shot


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