Monday, March 28, 2011

Camisole Stroll

Photo by Jessica Szopinski

covered like a camisole
the day hung on light and loosely

I walked through with you
our hearts decomposing

and composting a path
on which to lay our souls

steps light as aire
lent us bent on humid

baselines from edge to edge
and life lifted and burned

Submitted to One Shot Poetry....


  1. If I must decompose to compost can't think of a prettier place than the base lines of this path.

  2. Nice,the image and the poem go well together

  3. A splendid image of life and rebirth, a perfect mood setter for spring. The image sets a beautiful parallel for the words, which set a lovely imagery of their own. Descriptive, sensory, thoughtful. Lovely work.

  4. Beautiful imagery in this, a delicate and wispy feel, it shifts with just a breath from line to line of change and acceptance and renewal. Excellent stuff.

  5. "..Our hearts decomposing and composting a path..." Flat-out lovely, Jerry.

  6. All in a day... beautifully said.

  7. hidden seeds come forth for tomorrow will not wait

    a pleasant notion here

    Peace, hp

  8. You really did justice to the picture, with a nice poem Jerry

  9. dude the decompose to compost lines are hot...nice write...

  10. You're such a romantic dude, Jerry!

    Nice One Shot!

  11. Absolutely beautiful Jerry, both word and image...a walk within time, place and soul...a relationship that has blended towards a forever ...bkm

  12. a path on which to lay our this and beautiful photo as well - goes perfectly with the mood of your words jerry

  13. LOVE both the photo and poem. Decompose our hearts -- so so wonderful.


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