Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ventrical Lenses

Beauty is fleeting
a lens winks and
sucks in an image
and lays it down
like oil on canvas

and there you were
holding, leaning into
the future days where
your beauty is sucked
into your soul where
it is destined to rest

So the hours like
lens' opening and
blinking shut
do their time as
a heart's ventricular
cadence shutters

Photo by India Hobson, interviewed for One Shoot Sunday


  1. you are invited to follow my blog

  2. Great imagery in that first stanza!

  3. Excellent title, Jerry. You mix artistic media very well through your lines for great emphasis.

    "the future days where
    your beauty is sucked
    into your soul where
    it is destined to rest"

    I especially like how you depict the above transformation.

  4. nice simile with the heart beat and the shutter of the camera...played this one very well...

  5. Very very good stuff, Jerry--the lines adam selected to repeat are a standout, but the whole poem is full of insight, clarity and tenderness and seem to underline our fragility, our temporary nature as humans.

  6. Do you know, reading yuor last word, I realy wish it said the 'stutters' that I read it as the first time around! I enjoyed the concise, non-frilly way you wrote this poem.

  7. The last two lines, so anatomical and raw, really like the way you depicted the flash second as hours, as a pose. Immortalised photograph, everything changes from there. Nice write Jerry

  8. I like how you used the mechanical aspectsof the camera to interpret and then amplify the picture. Good poem, Jerry.

  9. I like to imagine my soul collecting beauty over the years...

  10. Jerry of all the takes on the prompt I have read I think this to be the most forthright and honestly contextual with time taken into account.


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