Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Luci's Shawl

Prayers of thanks as I wrap
the wholly crocheted words
around me. 

It’s cool in this writer’s
cave under the stairs.

Your tight and lose knots
rest easy on my cold shoulders.

It was back on May twentieth,
early in the morning that I
was invited into moving
words with needle swords.

You wield the points together,
changing the colors as needed
until floats cascade down
in mischief on the underside.

Then flashing would rise like an
Easter morning as you knot and
untie the fibers of vocabulary.

Any time I can pull out a poem
of yours like a loose thread and
it unravels me. 

In Honor of one of my favorites
Luci Shaw 



  1. a nice poem to honor one of your favs...keep stitching them together jerry...sorry time has gotten tight for you but no worries...see you soon

  2. Good one, Jerry. I've been reading a lot of Luci Shaw lately, and have an article on one her poems that will be published next week.

  3. Jerry this is a nice homage to one you admire with good reason.

  4. A smooth tribute, Jerry. I like how the words are woven together for the purpose of inspiration as well as comfort.

  5. yep - i remember this one...and i second talon - it is gorgeous..

  6. Beautiful homage.

  7. Lovely image of the poets craft and troubles


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