Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The other night the wind and the rain
slapped a lot of beauty out of their canopies.
The rain fell on the leaves,
the leaves fell like rain.
The colors lay dead.
I tried to rally my kids to pick them up.
I gave them Elmer’s glue and a stapler.
I had a few ladders too.
The suns out now and how much
I wanted to see the colors against
a cool blue sky instead of faded green
and asphalt and gravel.
I almost prayed for the resurrection
of these expired tree totalers.
But then my kids dropped the glue
and staples and the disbelief
their faces were showing me.
They ran for rakes.
Their faces flush with autumn air
they piled up the colors on the runway.
They carelessly overlaid color on color,
like when they were much younger with crayons.
Their excitement rose as did the pile.
Then I saw the clear blue sky in their eyes
as they lay laughing in the colors.
I smiled as their redemptive act
fell on me like cool rain in the night.


  1. nice...their redmeptive act fell like cool rain...nice close...great one shot!

  2. The clear blue sky in their eyes... lovely. I enjoyed it.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
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  3. lovely flow.
    stunning nature painting...

  4. this was beautiful - you paint a beautiful picture - and your words fall like autumn fav line was..
    Then I saw the clear blue sky in their eyes

    just a small hint: the font size was VERY small - and not easy to read..


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