Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kernels of Truth

Kernels of Truth

Pass me some Jesus words please.
How about the ones lying like kernels
in the bottom of a popcorn bowl?
The little seeds hard enough to break
an ego like a tooth.
                                                                 “Come unto me.”
All the heavy butter glazed on my fingers.
The exploded grenades like cumulus
clouds have disappeared by the hand full
as I watched life like a movie.
                                                                  “Be not afraid.”
Sifting the bowl like a panhandler
more and more hard polished words
role around golden like a rule.
Butter fingers plucking tightly
one at a time.
                                                     “What do you want?”
Amaized at the possibilities
of these seeds falling into my soul
and dying, I welcome the broken
casing pealed back by grace and truth.
                                                                  “Follow me.”
GAB June 2010


  1. divine piece...

    seeds falling into my soul and dying, welcome...with grace and truth...

    so masterful ending.

  2. Your mind works in seriously intriguing ways. The way you twist your spirituality into the most thought-provoking comparisons is incredible. Love your work.


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