Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gray Daze.....Somethin' Sunday

Gray Daze

No sun on a Sunday.
Gray background rolled in
my back yard.
He will come back in the clouds,
but not these kind.
The stratus must be stacked
high and sculpted like
a Michelangelo.
Smooth but strong angles
with nothings dispersed
within them.
Those gaps and slits
for light to squeeze through
and strike the ground
like lightning.
Great Roman columns
of gold with pewter
frames left behind,
hanging like a mobile.
Or will this gray sheet
simply be rolled back
and catch us unaware
hanging laundry.


  1. This mix of art, nature -- and the everyday act of laundry - good one, Jerry.

  2. we have such a dark-cloud day here as well..and i like the idea of grey sheet be rolled back when he returns..

  3. I loved this. Making beautiful poetry out of grey skies...


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