Saturday, November 20, 2010

They Were.............For my mother.

Come now
lay your heart
on the chest of the
father you once loved

Come now
let your hand
reach up to take the
large grip of a big brother

Come now
lift your feet
up the steps of memory
of those you knew freely

Come now
light your mind
for a tinder incense
of how things used to be

Come now
lease some time
in moorings of love
for gratitude of who they were
to you


  1. I would say this is a fine, beseeching prayer poem

  2. My mother lost her dad in her teens and her brother in WWII. She was close to both of them but not so much with her mom. My Mother is 82...I sibs will correct me if I'm wrong.

  3. How on earth did our parents get to these ages - and survive all they did with grace and strength? (My Mom turned 85 this past July)

    Beautiful writing, Jerry.

  4. lovely tribe to your Mom.
    she must be smiling.


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