Sunday, November 14, 2010

L'Air du Temps For One Shoot Sunday

Cover me with your sweet perfumes.
Out last this, another day of under.
I didn't mean to go under cover,
but the light isn't for me today.
The shine is for where I was,
down the street sipping wine
with you at the three legged
table in the open air
wishing for a favorable breeze.


  1. There's such a lightness to this, Jerry. I love the images it evoked - especially the three-legged table.

  2. the shine is for where i managed to bring personality to this covered him or her - bravo jerry!

  3. Yeah -- I really liked your play on the 'perfume' and the imagery you evoked.

    Well done!

    Louise g.

  4. you handled this very tenderly for such a appealing change of pace...

  5. Wow, you embraced this topic and photo...very well said ...thank you...bkm

  6. Poignant. Wistful. Nicely done.


  7. Good one, Jerry. I was wondering if anyone would catch the contrast in this photo, and you did.

  8. Nice one, thoughts of yesterday when we walked side by side, now, you avoid me in my plight afraid to step from the shadows of life.


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