Monday, November 15, 2010

Wait Weight

As despair goes
so goes the heart.

Kicking walnuts into
the street
wondering how
gutters catch
the dismal clarity.
Pro teen covered
in hard shell
covered in bitter
green insulation.
The rains come,
the cold autumn
death deifying
currents carry
what falls from the tree.

As hope goes
so goes the heart.

Rolling lime green
embossed nuts
over sacrificial colored
leaves of grass.
The fall reigns
washing bitter sheen
and softening pulp
to peal on the cement.
It wastes not.
The shell exposed
hops on down the line
of rivulets.
The dip in the deign
crevasse an
adolescent seed to
burrow under
its unseen destiny.  

As despair and hope go
so goes the heart.
The twins of wait
and weight
and wait.


  1. How did I miss this poem? It's beautiful, Jerry. Yes, adolescence is such a painful time...climbing into a shell that it makes it hard to penetrate...but inside that shell is the seed of a adult life on the verge of growth.

  2. I signed in to follow your blog,
    welcome following us back.

    come join us for week 11 poetry potluck..
    it is open Sunday 8pm, close at Wednesday 8am.


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