Monday, December 13, 2010

Hobby or Passion...why differentiate? My dish for the potluck

you are reading my hobby
in Calibri body 11
you are in between
the lines of my passion
the keys my brushes
the screen my easel
I know no other form
from morph to myth
with eloquent
with wry bread toasted
a tea stained stint
or coffee cream
like pages white
I sip and wake
while I write
I don’t morn
I don’t wink
I write poetry
I think


  1. LOL, I like particularly the ending :)

  2. I love it! It's taken me some time to see what I write as "art", but you describe it aptly here. And, yes, the passion is something. Hard to describe to those who don't feel it. Thankful for this fellowship with those who do!

  3. vivid and humorous,
    what a beautiful piece on passion,
    well done.

    Happy Potluck!

  4. brushes and easel...the artist's must-haves!

  5. yes, you sure do write poetry! this flows down the page so well.

  6. You don't have to think - you do, Jerry. :)

  7. You speak well for all of us, Jerry. I enjoyed this a lot, as well as your profile.
    My potluck:

  8. I like it! Preaching to the choir is still a good thing!

  9. Normally-boring (read: common everyday) images get a poetic uplift/additional, improved meaning - one of the big goals of many poets, I'm guessing. . . solid work.


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    Good Luck!
    Happy Wednesday!

  11. This. was. awesome! Seriously.

    I'm going to add this one to my favorites. :) It may even be mentioned on my blog on saturday. :)


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