Saturday, January 1, 2011


2010 with all her now and then
I bend a knee and see
time lining its way on down
wrinkles on a face
and a few more when held grace
ours it is to turn the page
of Braille and print
to glance back
and gaze forward
with our hands
out of our pockets
the party’s over and
life begins again and again
while we can


  1. The last three words in your beautiful poem remind of the importance of appreciating every single moment.

    Happiest of New Years (and shiny new decade) to you and your family, Jerry!

  2. i like the life begins again and again..
    happy new year jerry

  3. Graceful and fluid, excellent first line, also the page of Braile and text. Life is ever renewing, looking back, feeling forward, and you've captured it well here.

  4. If we bend our knee far enough, we may see ourselves. Good one, Jerry.

  5. It is great that we can... as we can read and write one another...

    Great post Jerry

  6. Life begins again and again....this is so true...another very well written poem...all the best pete


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