Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Caffeine Nation

There is a sound that needs to be identified with a word.
The sound that lifts from
A mug as a wave of
Seattle blend curves and
rides the walls until it
flattens around a rim.
The low tones that ride an
octave like an aria.
It’s a clarion call to
fold back a newspaper.
It’s music that sets up
an anticipation of deep
lyrics of a conversation.
It’s a chorus that arrives with
A smiling waitress singing,
“Here you go…need cream?”
There must be a word,
some sniglet that would
do it justice.
Arise, O caffeine nation,
and put a word to that
wonderful sound that spews
from a cup like waves
above an orchestra pit.

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  1. oh but in naming it will we lessen that moment...mine usually is accompanied by a sigh...smiles. nice one shot...

  2. ha - there's music in your coffee jerry...nice...i have mine black..ya know - the blues...smiles

  3. Ah, the heavenly music of the morning's first cup of coffee. I stand as I drink mine, the newspaper spread before me, and I think the real news is in the cup.

    Good one, Jerry.

  4. i no longer partake.
    but, i know the call.

  5. You have me trying to think of words to describe this, Jerry. I relish my morning coffee for similar reasons. Though to describe the special sounds hmm... will have to get back to you. lol I'm stumped. Great poem!


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