Monday, January 10, 2011

My Own Meme...Me Me

It was an accident, seriously.
I was trying to follow poetic heart
from my follower list.
I am now following my own blog.
A Freudian slip, click, and now
there I am looking at my forlorn
image in the followers.
Geez, I know many artists
have a narcissistic bent and
self- absorption is as natural
as bran flakes and organic carrots.
But I really didn’t intend this…
did I?
Now, because of my technical
immaturity I can’t figure out
how to unfollow me, seriously.
I’m like a politician voting for myself.
I’m like a poker player with the ace
of spades up my sleeve.
I am my own critic’s corner.


  1. Great word play of introversion. Self-absorption shows your great myopic vantage point.

  2. And self-commenting, too, I see.

    It's brilliant.

  3. lol! That's a new one, Jerry!

    And Glynn's comment cracked me up!


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