Monday, January 17, 2011

She Was She Is

Pain was amongst the close circle of friends
for she would visit with suffering faithfully
for 20 years.
Each prick and poke a tiny sting of death.
Each stay wondering maybe if her address
would change.
For each suction of life from her
a greater breath for life would exhale.
Those reactions spiritually, physically
would often mock the nerve ending
throbs and sandpaper edges.
Faith would often trump understanding
and mercies new with each sunrise
would reflect off her soul.

This is the first year of wiped tears
and dissolved sorrows and
understanding that trumps faith.
This is the first year of seeing
the One who took the sting out of death.
She knew more intimately his suffering.
She didn’t need to poke her
fingers into his wrist.
She put her hand in His.

In memory of Laurel Barrett’s Ultimate healing one year ago today.


  1. Fly well and happy with the other fun angels Laurel Barrett. And have the cake and burgers out for us when we join you for the party.

  2. This is a beautiful tribute. The ending really touched me.Thanks for sharing.


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