Sunday, February 20, 2011

High Coup Bow

                                       no retirement
                               traded in the light saber 
                                  the force suspended

Submitted for One Shoot Sunday.  Photo by JackAZ photography.


  1. Short, succinct, sweet. Nice one, Jerry

  2. haiku-ul...this prompt is unlike many others...not just a flower, or a wall of bricks, iconic image with much room for "playing around"

    mornin' J

    Peace, hp

    I have one

  3. After a lifetime spent in intergalactic warfare, one would think he'd at least have a pension. When Vader hocks his sabre, the economy must terrible. Force suspended, indeed.

  4. now you see where the heros of the galaxies end
    cool take on the prompt jerry

  5. That was perfect for the photo prompt, Jerry!

  6. Stunning, one of my favorite poems in this batch of Vader poems. Utterly perfect (overkill expression, yes, but true) - wish I'd written this (said in a non-jealous way).

  7. Agree with Steve Isaak—One of my favorites in this batch. More and more I am liking short, punchy stuff, but when, as here, the final touch is supplied by the reader's pondering, then most excellent.

    The tone is quippy, but there's a dark edge.

  8. Hopefully the force will return whe he hits those tremolos. So much said here Jerry!


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