Sunday, February 27, 2011

Space Bar

I sidled up to the space bar
and asked for a cold one.
Something fresh,

and letters slid down,
full of froth,
flipped and painted
my nails.

Good company.
We spoke of
Robert Burns
as if he sat here
with us after a long
day of white space.

Why is it we are
compelled to push
down so hard.
So far a distance
for fingertips to ride
our ABC's.

I remember the night
we laughed at a
fingertip push up
We were young
and strong and pushed
the keys effortlessly
like machine gun fire.

And what was with
the pencil in the mouth
like we were dogs
slobbering on bones?

We were so hard on
the return handle
like a cold slap
on our royal face.

Those were the days
when it was so physical
and our metacarpals
flexed their mini
biceps, and 40 wpms
would impress the

Now we raise our mouses
and click them like
wine glasses and
our fingertips are
as soft as a baby's

We rarely crumple
paper anymore.
We delete with
a stern pointed finger.

How 'bout one more
cold one fellas, eh?

One Stop Poetry invites you to stir the tanks with a picture prompt over at One Shoot Sunday...give it a go...


  1. I will never think of a "space bar" the same way after reading your poem, Jerry. lol Funny stuff. Fingertip push-up challenges and impressing the ladies with 40 wpm! lol A treat to read. Cheers

  2. Similar to Adam's reaction, I read "space bar" and thought of the cantina in Star Wars.

    Nothing produced muscled fingers quite like a Royal typewriter. And a computer lab doesn't have quite the same ambiance as a smoke-filled room full of manual typewriters. Have a cold one for me, too.

  3. well sure, mate...I'll have a double Tanka with a Haiku shooter..."So far a distance" and here we are

    I like it

    Peace, hp

    Jerry...rad = me 071008 = July 10, 2008

  4. dude this is a fabulous write...funny, pointed, rememberance...i click my mouse to yours in salute..

  5. Loved it. "Why is it we are
    compelled to push down so hard." Why, indeed.
    Cudos from one who slapped the return handle a few times in the past.

  6. this was fantastic jerry..your're getting better and better..will search for a pencil now to carry it in my mouth like a bone..sounds like fun...smiles

  7. Nothing impresses a (certain kind of) chick like 40 wpm. I still have vestigial sexist amazement when I see a guy keyboarding like a grassfire. This is a fine poem from first line to conclusion, from Robert Burns to Gates and Jobs, and my mouse also clicks a double salute.

  8. This chick is impressed with 100 lol XD Jerry, space bar?! Oh my I've giggled my way through the irony here, reall enjoyed the reading and a completely fresh take on the photo. Amazing writing.

  9. Forty words a minute...I had to take that test in order to get hired...I made it and stayed for 30 years....that old typewriter was good to me that day...bkm

  10. 40 wpm, tests, moments waiting to hear, yep... hired, now the fingers float nearer the space bar, can I have that cold one now.

  11. And just like a good barkeep, so too is a series of good keystrokes. You've made me feel like I've come someplace where everybody knows my name. Great writing!

  12. Jerry what a delight got that old movie feel to it - nicely penned or pecked

    Happy Monday

  13. Jerry buddy, I have typed on Underwoods and to be honest I will take this keyboard and its modern conveniences any day. At least the key stems don't get stuck together when you hit two at once.

  14. LOL, inspired take on the photo. Excellent.

  15. Absolutely delightful! Obviously inspired writing. Excellent poem. Thanks for the memories, Jerry!

  16. There is genius in this, methinks--and far too much truth. Cheers!

  17. Oh, I loved this. I had a typewriter like this once.


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