Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Technically going round and round
and sitting down.
Systematically deconstructing
and squeezing the mystery
out of a gnat.
Oh, it’s all been said before
so they say to say it slant then.
Juggle some solid ideas
and let one fall
now and again.
Maybe it will bounce.
Maybe it will break.
It’s tiring and boring
to keep it all in the air anyway.
De evolution ize.
Re revolution eyes.
See?  That wasn’t so bad.


  1. Fun little bit of word-play there...and I'll admit I had to look the title up on good old Google, but it certainly gave me a smile when I did. Works nicely.

    My one critique: The black text on black background! Had to highlight the whole thing :P

  2. I really enjoyed reading this, I love the voice behind the poem!

  3. Is there a hidden purpose I'm not getting with the black on black? Highlighting is an awkward read. But I like your writing, jerry, and I do like this poem, even if you made me work for it. Title alone repaid the effort, and I also like the gnat defined and the lack of concern about bouncing and breaking because holding it up is just too much effort anyway. Last line's a killer.

  4. Clever set up. It be too bad though that somany eyes need to be re-revolutionized.

  5. Sorry about the black on black my PC is acting up. Not intentional

  6. ha thought you were playing a trick on us there...nicely played jerry...poor gnat...smiles...revolutionize my eyes please...

  7. (Just highlight the text and it's easy to read)

    Reminds me of the adage about milking a dead cow... or was that beating a dead horse? Something to do with dead farm animals anyway.

    Nice One Shot, Jerry!

  8. "and squeezing the mystery
    out of a gnat"

    oh, that's good.

  9. Wit, humor and ideas...I like the deconstruction...

  10. Why does this sound like a commentary on the academy? Great poem, Jerry,

  11. ouch - my eyes hurt afer reading this...smiles
    do you really have the name "sitzfleisch" in english...this is such a typical german word and means when you visit someone and won't leave before it's really late - they will say you had sitzfleisch - enough meat on certain parts on your body to sit at for a while...

  12. Sorry Claudia. The print color was unintentional. Ha! I was waiting for your response. The definition of the word of the day said something about being bored...I like your def better. Its German week on wor of the day e-mail... Maybe I'll try a 55 with another German word...

  13. Hi Jerry

    Quite cryptic but then quite open too... the dilemma...
    I enjoyed reading it.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter @VerseEveryDay


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