Saturday, March 5, 2011


The rain tapping on our van
The cat strolling down the laminate
The ice veneer on limbs cracking in the wind
The dot dashing of chalk on a board

The train howling over there somewhere

Robins talk in the maple
A line of geese returning on the distance
Whispers through the pines at attention
Snow crunches its spirits up like fog

The train wails in mourning as time passes

The furnace starts breathing again
A child turns over in bed
The garbage can flips its lid
Wheels on asphalt roll their sound

The train waits at the station
with nothing to say
but hums
as it is loading

It will teach my children
to listen more attentively
when I am gone they
will recognize
the important
memorial calls


  1. From all the things they will listen and will become memories when you're gone, the one they will miss the most is the sound of your laughter. I do hope you give them plenty of that.


  2. And what a gift it is to listen with your whole heart...

  3. there's so much to listen to and lots of people have lost their ability to do so..good to teach it to our children

  4. vivid imagery...I hear the rain and see the train...

    powerful wriitng...
    keep it up.
    Happy Sunday!


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