Sunday, April 10, 2011

What Goes Up

*photo by Lauren Randolph
hold on tight
to aire is human

a cliche' dropping
like a lead balloon

no sense in riding the
fence or being fenced in

can't step on the crack when
you rise above circumstance

you didn't click your heels thrice
shall I cut you loose to watch you

fly the friendly skies to infinity and
beyond what dreams may come in

different shapes and sizes you up
as head in the clouds oblivious

walking on air you step down
the stairway to heaven and

catch your breath waiting
to exhale a collapsed

iron lung contraction
if you only had a

heart of stone &
ruby slippers

Photo by Lauren Randolph
for One Shoot Sunday


  1. Excellent intentional infusion of woven cliches. Very well done and the shape of the poem is cool too, kind of like a bell curve turned on its side. "fly the friendly skies to infinity and
    beyond what dreams may come in"
    Fine work.

  2. That photograph was full of suggested cliches, somehow combined into something new and non-cliche-ish. You did the same thing with your poem.

    Before we should co-publish a volume entitled "Tales from the Ruby Slippers."

  3. love all the play on OZ and the shape of the poem too...and the whole concept of head in the clouds...oblivious to the ground beneath...the gravity of life has a way of bringing us back to ground level a sometime....bkm

  4. i think i'm just going to go delete my poem...i was totally uninspired. this is brilliant! love it!

  5. ha this was a delight to read jerry, nice fresh plays on so old one liners...shapes up nicely as well...

  6. Love how you have woven from one to another... creating an interesting form from the depths of sarcasm.

  7. Form follows function and you skewered it with this one. Those legs are a whiter shade of pale, too.

  8. Yes Jerry "fly the friendly skies to infinity and beyond" cool

  9. "a cliche dropping like a lead balloon"

    that's just good stuff right there :)
    great poem.


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