Monday, September 20, 2010

Imaculate Reception

She snuck in between Lady Gaga and Boston.  Lisien, our special needs 12 year old is drawn to microphones.  They might as well be ice cream cones because when she finds one she eats it up.
Our family went to my nephews wedding over the weekend and at the reception Lisien had a special request.  It was not just for a song...she wanted to sing.  So the lead vocalist gave her a shot not knowing what the song was. 

The scene was well into the evening.  It was after the mariachis left.  It was after much Oberon was consumed.  It was after some line dances and after some dad embarrassed his kids.  The mini Red-Hot bottles were confiscated by Sammy and Bash, pockets full and a census taken.  The crowd was mixed like a drink. 

Then out of the volume soaked room came a perfect pitch.  "Here I am to worship, here I am to bow down, here I am to say that I'm your friend..."  The "mixed drink" noise began to dissolve.  Especially when the groom boomed out "Quiet!...That's my cousin singing!" 

And she sang with a smile bigger than the solstice.  She knew all eyes and ears were on her.  She might as well have turned water into wine.  It was the wedding at Cana again and Jesus showed up.  She could make that song last forever and I was tempted to let her.  But I closed in to whisper thank you Lisien.  Thank you Jesus. 

The next morning she told me how nervous she was and went on and on like she just made the cut on American Idol.  In my heart I new she had already won.


  1. Jerry,
    I love your "Kernels of Truth" poem but when I read this it had me to the end. This is where I am--taking faith from babes, going to his feet like a child. And singing praise like Lisien.



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