Sunday, September 19, 2010

Spring Song Reprise. Thank you Luci Shaw for nudging me awake.

Back when it was May 20th, Very Early Morning,
I sat in the back row leaning in to receive
an unexpected poem.
It was more than a prayer.
It was more than a hymn.
It was an alter call to
step forward into childhood
It was an invocation to enter
into a great poem on the
edge of transcendence
where unknown weeds are
noticed in their green hues.
It was when Yarrow was
birthed into my vocabulary,
and brambles were seen
in a positive light.
Even dandelions raised the
glory of gold and silver.
I have many times been
haltered by a field of
This day rain ran down
my face like on a window.
It settled on the sill of
my heart to collect
and soak me.
I longed to brush the tips
of my fingers along the golden rod.
I wished to wade in the trillium
and be warmed near the white flames.
I imagined the arch of my foot
massaged by the mosses.
This field immersed in gravity
defying growth.  Green and glorious.
It let me know that out of the
soil came I, and green I shall be.
Whether an unnamed weed or a
wild strawberry I will join in
the hymn.

Written for random acts of poetry.  It was the door hindge which opened up a world that I had set to the side for quite a while...creativity.  The original poem was titled May 20th Early Morning by Luci Shaw.
It is now found in The Green Earth, Poems of Creation by Luci Shaw with the title of Spring Song, Very Early Morning.


  1. This is a song - of worship and faith and transcendence all rolled into one.

  2. Thank you, Jerry, this is beautiful. Makes me want to go outside and breathe deep.

  3. Jerry -- I came back -- you might want to check out this article just posted this morning at the Image Journal - on Luci Shaw's new poetry book.

  4. "It was when Yarrow was
    birthed into my vocabulary,"

    I loved that phrase. I'm so pleased you've joined us for RAP! I hope this will be the beginning of a poetic journey together. :)

  5. "I have many times been haltered by a field of diversity"

    an echo in my spirit..

    well done!

  6. oh, this is superb.


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